In today’s world where there are numerous technologies and ease of access, no task seems impossible. Taking your grandparents’ car back on the road is a fantastic example of this.

Restoring the vehicle and making it run just like new has made many people happy and we wish to increase this happiness with our cheap classic car restoration services. Our workshop is loaded with the latest and specialized tools which are used efficiently by our skilled technicians for the speedy and extraordinary outcome.

The parts to be replaced and repaired and the overall job to be done depend on various factors such as:

  • How old is the car?
  • What is the make and model?
  • How was it treated earlier?
  • What is the present condition?

Several internal components related to the engine and other systems, as well as the outer parts such as panels, headlight lamps, etc., may have to be changed. We inspect the car entirely and give an expert advice on the repairs, replacements, and servicing required. We use parts of exceptional quality for replacing purposes, so as to derive the utmost comfort and satisfaction while driving the restored car.

Our technicians have tremendous experience in car restoration and can work with cars of different makes and models. We realize that you may want to sell or auction your restored car and therefore we maintain high standards for the quality and workmanship and charge reasonably.

Before handing over the car to you, we check every component and function and test the auto electrical, mechanical, air conditioning, steering & suspension, and other systems. No need to suppress your dream of driving that old car you always wanted to, as we are present very close to you in Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne and Campbellfield.

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