The whole objective behind panel beating is to remove even the slightest mark which has appeared on the body of the car due to collision or accidental damage, in order to make it look the same as before.

Well, the sentence itself clears that it is the job of an expert. Yes, panel beaters undergo training and acquire certification for receiving that merit wherein you can entrust them with the repairing of your smashed car. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced workmen who detect all the minor and major issues in your car after a detailed investigation. They have a command over the auto electrical and mechanical systems as well as the outer body of different types of vehicles. And hence, suggesting the best solution and implementing the same is their forte.

What makes us Professional Panel Beater Workshop in Melbourne?

  • Our workmen have a license for this activity.
  • Parts which require repair and replacement can be made of steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, alloys, and other metals. We have worked with all of them in several scenarios.
  • We are equipped with a wide range of specialized equipment for effective and speedy outcome every single time.
  • Not just correcting the faults, but restoring the vehicle to its original condition is our motto.
  • Our workmen comply with safety regulations for welding and other processes.

An Array of tasks performed by us:

  • Repairing the damaged panels
  • Creating new panels and replacing the damaged ones with them
  • Removing dents using fillers
  • Chassis re-alignment
  • Filing, Sanding, Grinding, Planishing
  • Checking door and window locks, AC, etc.
  • Spray painting

The above list is not exhaustive as we use a comprehensive approach for panel beating and serve across Campbellfield, Northern & Western suburbs Melbourne.

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