Though painting a picture and painting a car are two very different scenarios, you cannot deny the fact that finishing is equally important in both of them.

On enduring damages which affect the outer parts of the car, i.e., car body, its paintwork is sure to get spoiled, resulting in the vehicle losing its charm. And therefore it is essential to paint the damaged area of the vehicle and also keep in mind that it matches with the colour of the rest of the body parts. We provide excellent car & truck spray painting services across Campbellfield, Northern and Western suburbs of the Metropolitan Melbourne. Our focus lies in not just applying paints but also employing helpful techniques to ensure that paint lasts for long, and your car gets a glossy look at the end of the process.

We use paints of superior quality and have dedicated spray booths with proper temperature. Every truck hook lift spray painter in our workshop is highly trained and well aware of the technicalities linked to this activity such as the number of coats, the duration for each coat, and so on. They see that dust particles do not stick to your car while painting. We seek to deliver consistent results at affordable prices. At our facility, you can get car spray painting with conventional, HVLP as well as airless spray guns.

Do you want your vehicle to look new after being damaged or scratched? Meelany Smash Repairs will do the job for the entire paint job! We also help when it comes to custom respray for cars. We ensure the highest standards in our vehicle repairs and spray painting. We have the cleanest facility that is fully equipped with the latest form of technology at a price that you can get.

Apart from the accidental and hail damage, we also help in other situations, for instance, when your car gets old, a paint can change it completely, and get you wonderful compliments from everyone.

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