It’s near to heartbreaking when you see a dent in your perfect looking car as it becomes the black spot on the vehicle’s beauty. And the worst part is that it can degrade the appearance and value of your precious car. However, in some cases, you can cheer up, all thanks to PDR!

We reach to the back side of the dent and use lighting devices to assess the dent and check the possibility of a PDR or Paintless Dent Removal. If the result is an affirmation, we proceed to repair the area of the dent, with the specialized tools. Our mechanics are extensively talented in using a variety of paintless car dent removal tools and completing the work within specified time limit. In some cases, we may pull the dent from the front side itself, without having to look at the back side.

As the name suggests, the original paint of the vehicle is not affected, but we also ensure that the car we return to you seems to be dispatched from the factory. For small dents, PDR works just great, and for large or deeper dents, we utilize “push to paint” technique so as to maintain the artistic appeal of your car. Paintless dent removal cost is low, and as an icing on the cake, we charge very competitive prices, so that our customers can benefit a lot.

We provide efficient, quick, and convenient paintless car dent removal & repair services for the cars driven personally and commercially in Western suburbs, Campbellfield, and other Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Our workmen have hands-on experience in the PDR with aluminium and steel panels in situations of dents, creases, as well as hail damage.

paintless dent removal