Managing a business involving the fleet of vehicles is never an easy task and as you need to keep your eyes open every time and smell the onset of problems before they start to harm your profitability.

You definitely have too much on a plate viz., daily operations, marketing, growing relations with stakeholders, accounting, and so on. In the midst of all these, keeping the vehicles in their best form can be burdensome, and so we intend to lighten your shoulders, by taking the complete responsibility of your fleet.

We can handle fleet smash repairs for cars, trucks, vans, taxis, buses, and various other commercial and public utility vehicles of all sizes. The major concern faced by owners and drivers is the loss suffered due to unavailability of fleet vehicles, and so we try to return the same to you in the shortest time possible. As per the requirement in a particular case, we conduct repairs and replacements tasks for windshields, mirrors, headlights, panels, etc. We utilize the methodology suitable for your vehicle so as to give prolonged results at the reasonable prices.

As far as the financial and aesthetic value of your vehicle is concerned, you can take a sigh of relief with us, as we ensure that it gives the driving experience as if it never went through any damage. Procedure for the insurance matters in fleet vehicles is more time-consuming than personal vehicles, but we don’t leave you alone in this, and liaise with your insurer to complete the formalities and get you reimbursement for the cost incurred.

We provide excellent services for fleet smash and accident repair in our multiple service centres located in Campbellfield and, Metropolitan area, Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne.

fleet smash repairs